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We manage the Adequacy programs to the European Privacy Regulation (GDPR / RGPD) .
We provide the perfect combination so that the GDPR / RGPD is part of the management of your entity.


We manage the Adequacy programs to the European Privacy Regulation (GDPR / RGPD) .
We provide the perfect combination so that the GDPR / RGPD is part of the management of your entity.


  • Prioritize the needs of the entity: not all entities, nor sectors have the same security standards
  • Get to know the entity from the inside in order to defend its interests on the outside
  • Implement an agile, secure program that focuses on information security
The phases of our program:
  • Assumption of the functions and responsibilities of the Data Protection Officer (DPO)
  • Analysis and evaluation of the current state of the Information System, in its technical, legal and organizational aspects
  • Inventory of the processing of personal data
  • For each Treatment, writing an Impact Evaluation. In this way, each area / department of your entity will have its own security measures
  • Registration of Activities, according to the needs, size and requirements of your entity
  • Definition of the functions of the organization's personnel and rules for access to personal data



  We want to make this option clear from the start: external software is just one more option, among our possible solutions. We also provide solutions based on existing technology , so that project implementation times are minimized. These are the stages of the project:
  • Inventory of processes in which personal data is processed
  • Risk Map and Risk Reduction Plan
  • Third Party Inventory and Procurement processes
  • Staff Training
  • Contingency plans for eventual Security Gaps
  • DPO registration with the Spanish Data Protection Agency
  • Unified Point of Attention to Users regarding privacy


Take advantage of the implementation of the Adequacy to GDPR / RGPD program to extend the culture of Information Security to all the entity.
  1. Improvement of internal processes: more efficient, more effective
  2. Improve your security: control who accesses what
  3. Train your staff: they will be more responsible with the security of their tasks
  4. Avoid significant damage (reputation, sanctions, claims, etc.) in terms of Information Security
  5. The management of Information Security in the hands of professionals of recognized international prestige

Is your entity not among these categories? In case of doubt, contact us and we will solve your doubts.


11 de May de 2022

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