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Proposed Text Privacy Policy Entry into force: 09/23/2020


About us

At AMEDEO MATURO SENRA we have updated our Privacy Policy to be in accordance with the new regulations, both European (Regulation 2016/679), and national (L.O. 3/2018). Our contact details, as Responsible for the Treatment of the data we collect through our website and our profiles on the different social networks are the following: Company Name: AMEDEO MATURO SENRA CIF: 5050xx50x Address: Rambla Méndez Núñez 12, Ático A, 03002, Alicante, Spain

What data do we collect

The data provided by the users of our website or of the different social networks in which we maintain a professional profile, may respond to different needs, all easily identifiable depending on the context. For example: if a user fills in a contact form and / or participates in a certain promotion, obviously, their data will be used for those purposes and to keep them informed, later, of any news related to our services and / or the promotion offered. . In no case, do we collect more data than is strictly necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes expressed at all times. Generally, we will always limit ourselves to collecting the following types of data:
  • Identifiers: name, surname, email address and contact telephone number
  • Data related to browsing or likes: for example, in some cases, we will use the data expressed in "likes" or similar, to assess the degree of acceptance of our initiatives. In the same way, in some cases, we will ask you to tell us how you got to know us. In any case, this type of data will never be necessary for cases in which the user simply browses our website, fills in a contact form or visits our profiles on Social Networks. As long as the technical measures allow it, the user will always find a link to our Privacy Policy.

For what purposes do we process / use personal data

The purposes for which we collect personal data from users of our Website and Social Networks will always be stated clearly and transparently. For example: in the case of contact forms, the data will be processed exclusively to meet requests for information and keep the interested party informed about future activities, services and products related to their request. In any case, at any time and always free of charge, the interested party may exercise any of the rights provided for in current legislation (see below), through a simple email addressed to amedeo@amedeomaturo.com. In cases in which AMEDEO MATURO SENRA would like to use your data for more than one purpose, it will always obtain consent for each one of them. Example: the user will be free to give their consent to participate in a promotion of some services linked to a certain seasonality or specificity of a service, opting (or not) to participate in a promotion or newsletter that has a different frequency and / or continued in time. In no case, the entity will oblige to provide a linked or block consent: our users can always choose at any time what information to receive, how and when.

The Legal Basis

Technically, "Legal Basis" is identified as the authorization that protects us in the processing of personal data of our users. Example: if a user decides to also be our client, the legal basis for the processing of their personal data will obviously be the contract. Through a contract, AMEDEO MATURO SENRA will manage the preparation of the required service, its shipment and / or delivery, collection, guarantees, etc. In other cases, the legal basis that enables the processing of personal data of the user / non-clients will be the consent of the user. This is the case of the treatment of the data of users interested in our services, promotions, newsletter, etc. The user can find the summary of the legal bases that cover the treatment of the different data in the initial part of this section. In case of doubts, as always, you can contact us directly, through a simple email: amedeo@amedeomaturo.com.

Withdrawal of Consent

In cases where the legal basis for the processing of personal data of our users has been consent, consent may be withdrawn at any time and in the simplest way. If it was easy to send us the consent via form or through an email or click, it will be equally easy to withdraw your consent, through the same means: an email addressed to amedeo@amedeomaturo.com. The withdrawal of consent, obviously, cannot have retroactive effects and will come into effect at the same moment in which the user will send us their wish to no longer consent to the processing of their data.

Conservation Period

Here we will indicate how long AMEDEO MATURO SENRA intends to keep the personal data of the users of our services. There is no uniform conservation period, because the treatments and the purposes are different and varied. In any case, the entity will always follow the following rules:
  • For contractual data: the term, in this case, is marked by the applicable legislation on the matter. Generally, the entity will keep the user's data until the eventual prescription of contractual liability actions (generally, ten years)
  • For contact information: the term will be 5 years, counted from the last interaction between the user and the entity. Example: if the user requests information about the services and products of the entity and subscribes to the newsletter, the entity will save their data until the user requests to unsubscribe from the newsletter, blocking the data to destroy them after the aforementioned period has elapsed. , for contractual liability.
Also in this case, do not hesitate to contact us, to find out the details of our policy of retention of personal data.

Automated decisions

By "Automated Decisions" are understood those decisions made by the Data Controller, without human intervention and based on personal data provided by the user, either manually (for example, by filling in a form), or through the study of your browsing habits. AMEDEO MATURO SENRA informs that it does not make any automated decision, through the browsing analysis of its users, both on the Web, and on the profiles of social networks.

Recipients of the Information

AMEDEO MATURO SENRA in no case transfers the data of the users of the Web and their social network profiles to any company. The entity may have, from time to time, external collaborators, these relationships being always protected through a Treatment Order contract.

Rights of the Interested Parties

AMEDEO MATURO SENRA informs about the rights of the interested parties. As always, in case of doubts, you can consult with us, through a simple email: amedeo@amedeomaturo.com. Right of access: the user can request the entity to know what information it has, both in reference to its online relationship and, eventually, its offline relationship. For example, the user can request access to the data of his subscription to a newsletter. In any case, the entity will request to prove the identity of the applicant, depending on the importance of the data to which access is required. More specifically, the user has the right to know:
  • The purposes of the processing of personal data
  • The categories of data included in the treatments
  • The eventual recipients / assignees of data
  • Conservation periods
  • The existence of a right to file a claim with the control authority (the Spanish Agency for Data Protection)
Right of rectification: in the case in which the entity has erroneously entered some data or also in the cases in which the user totally or partially changes their data (for example, changes the email where they want to receive our information), they will only have You have to send us an email, stating what data you want to rectify and how. Right of deletion: in this case, the interested party may exercise the so-called "Right to Forget". The entity, once the legally foreseen terms for the conservation of the different data that are possessed of the interested party have expired, will proceed to its definitive elimination. In any case, as long as the aforementioned terms do not expire, the data object of this request will be blocked and not used in any way, beyond its mere conservation. Right of limitation of treatment: the interested party may request that the processing of their data be limited in the following cases:
  • When the accuracy of the data of the same interested party is discussed
  • When the treatment is illegal
  • When the entity no longer needs the data for the fulfillment of the purposes for which, at the time, the data was collected
  • While the prevalence of the legitimate interest of the entity is verified, for the use of data
Right to portability: the interested party can request a copy of their data, in a structured format, of common use and mechanical reading. This copy can be sent directly to the interested party or to whom he chooses, provided that this possibility is technically possible. Right of opposition: the interested party may request that the entity process their data, based on the legitimate interest of the entity. In the same way, you can exercise this right by opposing the treatment for direct marketing purposes and profiling (if this practice takes place). Right not to be subjected to automated decisions: in the case in which the entity carries out this type of activities (make automated decisions, which in any way affect the rights or interests of the interested party, without human intervention), the The interested party may request, at any time, not to be subjected to these practices.

Closing Rules

Users of this website understand that all information provided through social networks (post, mentions, comments, links, chat, videos, photos, etc.) can be public and, as such, used by third parties on which the entity it has no technical restriction possibilities. These third parties, without the authorization of AMEDEO MATURO SENRA, may use this data published by users, for purposes not directly related to the interests of the company, without, therefore, deriving authorization, concession, consent or mere knowledge of these facts . Therefore, users must be aware of this fact, inherent to the use of information published through Social Networks. All opinions and, in general, the information published by users only represents the opinion of the contributor and does not indicate any participation on the part of our company. Regarding the identification of users who link, comment or post and contribute (texts, video, photos, etc.) by the management companies and owners of the platforms called "Social Networks", the entity does not can ensure respect for the legislation in force at all times in terms of data protection and refers users to the Privacy Policies of each social network. With regard to the content published in the Social Media spaces used by AMEDEO MATURO SENRA, users are instructed to follow the rules expressed above. Contact Details of the Data Protection Officer: amedeo@amedeomaturo.com
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