Dear Mr. President,

First of all, please, forgive me for my very poor English, but I need to express my disappoint for the recent news about the PRISM issue.


Let me introduce myself. I am one of those millions of European citizen who was excited for your first (and second too) election as a President of United States. Here in Europe, most of us thought we finally found a USA President to whom we could trust. We needed a new political direction in the fight against terrorism, and you gave us new hope. I still have one of your pictures, under a heavy rain, in a political meeting somewhere in your Country (I searched that pic in Google, so I think you know what picture I am talking about).


Now I read almost everywhere about the PRISM issue and I am very concerned about the privacy, not just of your fellows Americans, but about ours, here in Europe. I understand that the fight against terrorism is tough and I really appreciate your persistent effort in this field, but we will never defeat them (I mean, the terrorists) with their own strategies.


We have Fundamental Rights (on both side of the Atlantic) to preserve and we must rely on them to catch the bad guys. No short cuts allowed, even if that means loosing some battle.


This is the reason why I ask you to shot down PRISM, destroy personal data collected and go back to the democratic and ethical rules. As Uncle Ben once said: «With Great power comes great responsibility» and, almost 50 years later, I still think he was right.


Truly yours,

Amedeo Maturo Senra, Alicante, Spain